ul. Krivaja bb, Klinika “Vita Feminae”,
Dobrota, Montenegro

Real help. Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism.
Employees with MANY years of experience.

The medical center is located in Montenegro
Your HEALTH is in safe hands!

Doctor Zobin's medical centre

If your self-sustained attempts to overcome substance use disorder are unsuccessful, we can help you. We also admit for treatment the patients with other mental and behavioural disorders if previous treatment has not been effective enough.

Our centre uses only evidence-based methods, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by evidence-based studies and clinical practice.

The Medical Center was founded in 1996

The organization of a small scientific and medical institution was aimed at introducing fundamentally new therapeutic technologies that surpass traditional methods of treating alcohol and drug addiction in their effectiveness. Short-term outpatient programs have been developed, allowing to achieve maximum results in the treatment of narcological disorders in a short time.

The therapeutic interventions of a transpersonal orientation applied within the framework of these programs affect the deep psychological foundations of dependent behavior, contribute to the transformation of pathological experiences and worldview of patients, are able to activate personal resources and facilitate the rejection of the use of psychoactive substances.

Dr. Zobin Medical Center provides treatment services:

  • all types of drug addiction
  • alcohol addiction
  • tobacco smoking
  • gambling addictions
  • depression
  • anxiety disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • behavior disorders
  • psychoses
  • chronic pain syndromes

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Reviews about the Clinic

Without drinking, I have a lot more out of life than I had before.
This is the doctor Mikhail Zobin. He has his own clinic. If a person is really ripe for a sober life, then he has every chance of a cure.
Andrey Kharitonov
Soviet, Russian theater and film actor, director, screenwriter.